MKS5000R/A Road/Airfield Magnetic Sweeper
Three sweepers can be towed side-by-side with one towing vehicle for up to 24 feet of magnetic sweeping width.
The ultimate magnetic sweeper for large areas such as airfield runways, municipal parking lots, state and county roads, etc.
Magnet assembly can be trailer-mounted (as shown), bumper mounted, or carried by a forklift.
Super-power magnets enclosed in a heavy gauge welded housing are height adjustable to provide sweeping clearance from 2″ to 6″.
A simple pull on the gas spring-assisted release lever will release all attracted material and holds the magnet open while the operator moves the sweeper away from the debris pile!
With optional Extended Width Trailer, three sweepers can be towed side-by-side with one towing vehicle.
Equipped with 4.8 x 8″ pneumatic tires, safety reflectors, safety chain, and your choice of coupling attachments.
Trailer constructed of heavy steel members for long lasting performance and durability.
Standard sweeping widths of 60″ to 96″
Unconditional Product Performance Guarantee
for Pricing!


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Trailer-Mount Configuration
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In-Line Towing

Power-Mag Deluxe
This extended-reach magnet picks up nails, fasteners and other magnetic debris without bending over! Simply pull on the handle to release the load. Comes with a one-year warranty!

Call 1.800.799.4408 for pricing!

A Must For Construction Sites!

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Power-Mag Deluxe Specifications
Model Weight Height Cylinder Diameter Lifting Capacity
PMD 3 lbs. 36-1/2″ 3-1/2″ 16 lbs.
* Lifting power is measured on a mild steel block at least 1/4″ thick.

“Little Giant” Grab Magnets
Ideal For “Grabbing” Miscellaneous Steel Pieces
Their Compact Size Makes Reaching Hard-to-Get Places Easy!
Three Strengths Available
Economical and Powerful!

Little Giant Grab Magnets

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The Bullet Magnet
The Bullet Separator is an efficient, cost-effective magnet for extracting ferrous metal particles from free flowing granular products. Designed for installation in pipelines or ductwork, as material flows over the magnetic bullet, any ferrous particles are attracted to the highly magnetic surface and securely held in position.

  • Wood Recycling
  • Forest Products
  • Particle Board Manufacturing
  • Flour Processing and Milling
  • Grain Processing
  • Plastics Processing
  • Call 1.800.799.4408 for pricing!<a ” alt=”The Bullet Magnet” width=”200″ height=”230″ />
Designed for Quick and Easy Cleaning
By releasing the quick-action catches and opening the door, the bullet swings clear and can then be wiped clean. The operation only takes a few seconds and the door can be closed and back in operation with a minimum of disruption to production.

  • Circular/Conical Core
  • Rare earth or ceramic magnetic assembly
  • Protected by non magnetic stainless steel rings
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel trunking
Typical throughputs for gravity-fed units
(based on 0.8 tonne/m3)

MM 100 7
MM 125 15
MM 150 25
MM 200 50
MM 250 75
MM 300 100
MM 400 150
MM 500 200

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